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Kamala R.

Executive Assistant

Industry: Retail
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Ahmed J.

B2B SaaS Sales Executive

Industry: Fintech
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Aurelius D.

Software Engineer

Industry: Technology
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Jessie M.

Program Manager

Industry: Healthcare
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Aashay L.

Associate at JP Morgan Chase

Industry: Financial Services
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Evan O.

Data Analyst

Industry: Automotive
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Jordan H.

Senior Project Manager

Industry: Advertising & Marketing
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Iain B.

Product Manager

Industry: Technology
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Sarah G.

Senior Talent Acquisition Manager

Industry: Legal
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Isabella J.

Creative Lead

Industry: eCommerce
Founder’s Vision & Purpose

I built the Career Accelerator to help professionals find their true career potential

Mohamed Suwaid

Founder and CEO

Imagine this: It's Monday morning, and you're actually excited to start your work. There's no sinking feeling as you scroll through your emails, no dread as you think about the day ahead. Instead, you feel grateful for a great role at an amazing company with a friendly culture.

And here's the kicker — you're getting paid handsomely for it, enjoying perks that make even your best friends a bit jealous and your family showering you with compliments. Sounds like a stretch? It's not. 

We’ve helped 300+ people achieve this and we do all the work of applying to jobs, editing your resume, and getting interviews completely done for you.

Right now, if you're feeling underappreciated, underpaid, and stuck in a job that just doesn't feel right, you are not alone. A staggering 63% of Americans feel unhappy at work. This could be for multiple reasons such as feeling underpaid, bad manager, toxic culture, overwork, and lack of work-life balance. But why settle for a mundane career that doesn’t spark joy or provide financial freedom? You deserve so much more.

So, now you are wondering why am I telling you all this. Who am I?

My name is Mohamed and my story began in 2020.

I graduated from the London School of Economics. I applied for 120 jobs in a very stressful 4 month period to finally land....1 interview. "How can I, a student at a leading university, with 3 society presidential roles, several awards, not get much interviews and not even a single job or internship"?

I soon realized, it was all my fault. I did not educate myself enough on how to succeed in the job market. After a year of research, I discovered the exact secrets behind powerful resume writing, effective application strategies, amd networking & interviewing hacks.

I started studying about career consulting, resume writing, job applications, attended 100+ career workshops, and spoke to 300+ career strategists/recruiters/HR leaders to finally learn secrets still hidden to the masses.

The result? I received 16 interviews from 30 job applications at Fortune 500 companies, bulge bracket banks, and MBB consulting firms. After working in banking in London, I felt extremely stressed and burnt out. I wanted to quit and find a new job.

I used my job search expertise to land multiple high paying job offers but ultimately decided to start a career development business to use my knowledge to help thousands of people, just like you.

With the Career Accelerator, we're not just helping you find a new job. We're transforming your entire approach to your career.

Imagine if you were able to work in a job you are proud to work at, get paid 20-50% more, be respected at work, have a better work-life balance, and have a thriving, successful career. Imagine waking up everyday and not dreading the job search process.

300+ clients who enrolled and got accepted into our accelerator used to imagine this dream of a life too...well, now they don’t imagine it anymore. They are living proof of it.

The question is - are you going to only imagine it or are you willing to change your life? Apply now and find out.

P.S. Our Accelerator can be quite competitive so apply now to see if you are eligible.