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Who is this Resume Writing Service for?

Entry Level Professionals

Kickstart your career journey with a resume beats the competition. Perfect for recent graduates and professionals with 0 to 3 years of experience.

Mid-Level Professionals

Take your career to the next phase with a resume that highlights your growing expertise. Ideal for professionals with 3 to 12 years of experience.

Senior Level Professionals

Showcase your leadership acumen with a powerful executive resume. Designed for seasoned professionals with 12+ years of experience.

How will our Resume Writing Service help you?

Our unique services helps you triple your interviews, get hired faster, and maximize your income. 10,000+ customers found more happiness, success, and better jobs after working with us.


more likely to get hired for a specific job


more interviews secured in less than 3 months


average increase in salary by opening doors to higher paid jobs


time and effort by using our SECRET job search blueprint


stress and anxiety by having a strategy that works way better


100% refund guarantee if you don’t get interviews in 90 days

Resume Examples

How True ATS Resumes look like

The below samples are the exact edited files that our writers deliver to clients. We even help bring out metrics and KPIs (added in red font as placeholders). For custom formatting, you can ask your dedicated Resume writer to make another version for you at no cost.

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Rated 4.9/5.0 from 4,000+ reviews

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Full Money-Back Guarantee

We guarantee that you will benefit from working with Career.
If you do not land more interviews in 3 months, we will pay you 100% of your money back...That’s a promise!

100% No Risk, Rock-solid...

Full Money-Back Guarantee

We guarantee that you will benefit from working with Career.
If you do not land more interviews in 3 months, we will pay you 100% of your money back...That’s a promise!

Simple, Fast Process

How does Career’s Resume Writing Services Work?

Work 1 on 1 with a dedicated career consultant to edit, upgrade, and optimize your resume or CV. Stand out from your competitors with a ATS-proof resume.

1. Start Your Order

Click on ‘Get Started Now’ to start your order. Choose your career level, the service you like, and how fast you want it.

2. Fill out Questionnaire

After payment, you will be emailed with a questionnaire to ask more information and understand your needs.

3. Connect with Advisor

Your dedicated 1 on 1 Career Advisor and Resume Writer will connect and communicate with you to work on your order.

4. Delivery + Revisions

Your advisor will deliver your draft files, guide you, and attach bonus guides. You can ask for unlimited revisions.

A Customer-driven experience

What makes our Resume Writing Services the best?

100% U.S. Based Writers

You will be paired 1 on 1 with a professional career advisor and resume writer from the USA. They will communicate you with on WhatsApp, Google Chats, email, and even a video consultation if you prefer

ATS-proof Results

All of our work is ATS compliant. We will also provide you with a guide to show you how ATS truly works and debunk popular myths. You will realize why using any free ATS scanner tool online is a bad idea.

Unlimited Revisions

You enjoy unlimited revisions with your 1 on 1 advisor until your work is complete and you are 100% satisfied.

Bonus Resources

Receive free bonus guides, templates, and our unique secret job search blueprint - learn the ultimate secrets of landing more interviews and securing the best jobs ever.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Resume writing service?

You may need a professional resume writing service if you face any of the following problems:

  • You need to update your Resume and make it more professional
  • You are struggling to land job interviews after applying to so many applications
  • You want a stronger resume to land better job opportunities
  • You are stuck in a job but are looking to apply for certain programs/jobs and want to maximize your chances to attain interviews
  • You are already in a job but feel underpaid, stuck, unfulfilled, and curious about looking at new opportunities
  • You are applying for an educational program that is requesting your CV/Resume
  • You don’t have time or the expertise to optimize it yourself

Do reach out to us by calling us, texting us, whatsapping us, or simply emailing us with what your situation is and we will let you know how we can best help you. 

Can I create a new resume or CV from scratch?

Absolutely you can! You can do this both before or even after placing your order. 

Please follow the below process: 

Click to here start your Resume/CV from scratch

After you finish filling up the questionnaire, you can proceed to make an order or reach out to us for any feedback before you place an order. We look forward to working with you!

What is ATS and how do we pass it?

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a HR software that helps organizations automate their hiring process by tracking job applications, extract text parsing, and organize candidates inside a centralized platform that saves time for organizations. Most companies in the world use different ATS software so not all ATS may work the same but they serve the same purpose. 

Be wary of many websites that offer free ATS scanning and scoring, it doesn’t work like that. Companies use various ATS tools to post job posts and may set filters such as citizenship, specific technical skills, specific licenses, educational requirements, or certain minimum requirements - which, if not met, will disqualify a candidate automatically.

Career can help simplify the process of ATS and how you can stand out in your application!

For more information, read our ATS guide

Do I need multiple resumes for different jobs?

There is an old myth that your Resume needs to be completely different for different jobs with different keywords to pass the ATS but that is not true at all.

The truth is, all you need is 1 strong Resume which you will use to apply for several jobs within a similar role niche (different industries is completely okay). The strongest Resume/CVs are tailored and focused on a very particular role niche

For example, for someone into corporate accounting: An optimized Resume/CV can be used to get accounting, audit, payroll, financial management, and taxation jobs.

What is the difference between a Resume and a CV?

A Resume is a professional document that jobseekers use to apply for employment which highlights their background, professional experiences, education, qualifications, and skills. 

Outside North America, a CV is basically the same as a Resume. The term ‘Resume’ is used mainly in North America

An American CV is a more detailed document that includes more information on education, publications, conferences, presentations, awards, etc. An American CV is used mainly for jobs within the Academic and Medical Industries.

Our Career team understands both at the highest possible level and can help you optimize the documents according to your specific needs and goals.

Can my Resume/CV cater towards different industries?

Yes! Tailoring to different industries is actually easier than tailoring it to different roles. 

There is no difference in the effectiveness of your application on applying to various industries as long as the target role niche is touched upon.

Example: A software engineer can work in Tech, Real Estate, Finance, Retail, and other industries as long as the role itself is related to software engineering.

 Can my Resume/CV cater towards different roles?


All you need is 1 professional Resume/CV which is focused and tailored to suit the new target role niche. If you are looking to transfer your experiences into a new role, make sure the new role is something you can technically do.

It is also advisable to obtain any certifications, courses, and additional qualifications which are desired by the new role niche. 

For example, someone who has experience in administration and project management but wants to pivot into cybersecurity should obtain the relevant technical skills, the cybersecurity certifications and qualifications before even thinking of a career change

By doing this, we can establish transferable skills + passion + commitment to pursue the new role niche. That is all we need.

Career changes are more complex to navigate - hiring a professional resume writer to help in this case is strongly advised to really bring out the strongest points. That’s what we are here for!

What will be the new format for my Resume/CVs?

The new format for all Resume and CVs here at Career is just a plain and professional format that we know works very well for professionals of all career stages.

We use Harvard style Resumes and CVs for all of our customers. The ones who may need a design touch to it will have a slight change where the top section is coloured. That’s it

No icons, graphics, shapes, illustrations, cool designs allowed. That is a strict rule we have set here at Career so that we can actually deliver something that works to impress the HR side.

How does the resume writing process work?

Very simple. Very easy. Very effective.

If you are ready to proceed, then you place an order. Then, you fill out a questionnaire to provide all your information, share your goals & needs, and discuss additional information.

Next, you will be paired with a 1-on-1 career advisor who will be dedicated, just for you, to work on your order. With affordable pricing, you get the maximum level of personal touch.

You have full access to 24/7 communication with unlimited revisions if needed.

How do I request revisions?

Very simple! Just ask your career advisor, they are literally dedicated just for you. 99.9% of the time, they will easily be able to help you.

If there are any serious issues and you are not happy with your career advisor’s input, then you can email us at and state your order ID #, then we will get back to you.